Thursday, August 15, 2013

UT Trip: Temple Square and Park City

Angie came to stay with us for the summer!  We picked her up on the way to UT for our summer vacation.  We rented a darling house in SLC with cousins and spent the whole week playing our little hearts out. 

This was our Sunday Activity...Temple Square, then Alpine Slides, Coaster and Zip Line in Park City

 Creek in front of the conference center...It was about 105 degrees, super dry, 
but didn't feel too bad in the shade.

 On top of the conference center.

 On top of the conference center with the temple behind us.

 The huge trees were gorgeous!

 In front of the conference center.

 Salt Lake City Temple....WOW.

 Cute Georgia

 Happy Levi

Sorry, but I have to brag, I'm pretty proud of this picture I took ;)

 This is a little chapel on the property at Temple Square...looks almost like the tabernacle inside, just smaller.


Park City

 Curtis and Levi on the Alpline Slide

 Mommy and Levi on the Coaster (which I actually enjoyed much more than the Alpine Slide...even though I have such fun and fond memories of the Alpine Slide)

 Curtis and Georgia right behind us on the coaster....the great thing is you get on at the bottom of the mountain.  It tows you up, and then you go racing down.

 Mommy and Levi on the Zip Line.

 Daddy and Georgia on the Zip Line.

 I don't know what the heck Georgia is doing here....but she looks hilarious :)

Downtown Park City.

This was our first time to Park was fun, cute and the mountains are gorgeous.

Summer is coming to an end...School starts next week, and I haven't had time to blog anything!

So lets start off with these darling pictures of Georgia's animals watching a show on the IPOD...Curtis found this little scene one night and had to get a picture of it :)  You can see Georgia's sleepy foot in the bottom picture.  Hilarious.  Oh she melts my heart.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer is HERE!

For the kids anyway.  I don't finish school for 4 1/2 more is a challenge doing homework with the kids home.  By the time they go to bed, I'm too tired, and usually only get about an hour done. 

We kicked off summer with several appointments, dentist, doctor, an effort to not take up school time.  I'm already under fire for Levi missing school with all his appointments and recent sickies.  So I have tried to make appointments on their breaks when possible. 

Yesterday we went to see Ice Age: Continental Drift.  It was great...the kids loved it and I loved the $1 per person ticket price :)

Today we have our normal IVIG appointment.  Good timing, as Levi and I seemed to have gotten food poisoning the other night.  Yet another thing that Autism has complicated.

We tried to explain to Levi that his body needs to get the food out, but somehow (AND I DON'T KNOW HOW) he managed to swallow every time he threw up...which made it last that much longer.  That whole process is so forceful, I don't even know how he could fight it so much that he could actually swallow it back down....besides the GROSS is just mind blowing to me that it is even possible.  We found ourselves giving him loads of praise every time he would actually get the yuck out.  Not sure it made a difference, I think he just got so tired, that he stopped fighting it.  Poor Curtis was up half the night with us, because I was too sick to stay up with Levi myself...and he is so strong, it is almost impossible to help him in that situation without 2 people there.

So next week summer school starts and then we have lots of fun planned.  Aunt Angie coming to visit and we are so excited.  Stay tuned for pictures!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Cousins & The Birthday Party

 Cousins, Playing & Dirt....what could be better :)


The Birthday Party

 Shields, Swords & Dragons...Oh MY!


 Dragon Races

 Making Dragons with Model Magic

 Hunting for Dragon Eggs

 Pinata' Time!

 We Ran out of time for the water balloons, so Georgia, wanting to get wet, stuck her head in a bucket of water.  Silly Girl.